Casey's Caboose

1930 Killington Rd
Killington, VT 05751
+1(802) 422-3795

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Climb aboard Casey's Caboose and step back in time to a bygone era when the iron horse and the train was the lifeblood of the nation. This imaginative restaurant, opened in 1981, is housed in a 35 ton circa 1900 railroad snowplow car that for years kept the snowdrifted tracks of New England clear and safe until is was sidelined by a derailment. Casey's Caboose takes it's name and cue from the Cannonball Express run by that famous engineer Casey Jones, whose locomotive was barrelling down the tracks in 1900 when a stalled frieght train came into view. 'JUMP! JUMP! ' Casey ordered his crew, though he remained at the controls in an attempt to avoid disaster. Casey Jones met his own demise that day, but his legend lives on in our remarkable eatery. This is a restaurant the whole family will find fun because every bit of it is unexpected. You can dine in a raised observation deck where the engineer directed the train as it plowed the tracks or ask to be seated by the long bank of windows with a full view of Killington. Come to Casey's Caboose. It's the restuarant you can't miss - the one with the distinctive yellow snowplow and red train car. As the saying goes, 'if you haven't been to Casey's, you haven't been to Killington'.

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